Core values in business – How they influence your business.

Grundwerte im Unternehmen

n a world where companies are evolving rapidly and brand identities are a dime a dozen, we often ask ourselves one key question: what exactly are your core values? It’s more than just a rhetorical question. It’s about the heart of what drives you and your business, the foundation on which everything is built.

Personal branding for real estate agents

Personal Branding für Immobilienmakler in Dubai

Personal branding for real estate agents In Dubai’s competitive real estate market, standing out from the crowd is critical. Personal branding for real estate agents is becoming increasingly important as it helps build trust and credibility with potential buyers and sellers. In a world where the real estate landscape is constantly changing, personal branding in […]

A business coach’s LinkedIn engagement strategy for more interaction

A business coach’s LinkedIn engagement strategy for more interaction Do you ever wonder why some companies’ LinkedIn engagement is through the roof while others barely get any attention? Maybe the answer isn’t as complicated as you think. My name is Laura, I’m a business coach and my specialty is helping businesses craft their LinkedIn posts […]

How to start your business in Dubai and establish your own brand

Business in Dubai gründen für Frauen

Start Business in Dubai From the glittering skyline to the golden sand dunes, Dubai is a place to dream. As a woman in the business world, Dubai can be particularly exciting. In this blog, I share my personal experiences and valuable insights into the world of starting a business in Dubai. With the goal of […]

Expert status

Expertenstatus Marketing und Branding

Are you familiar with the term “expert positioning”? If not, you should be – this is the secret ingredient you need to gain mega-authority in your industry and become known as the “go-to” expert in your field. And let’s face it… Being perceived as an expert will only lead to more opportunities for your business […]