Core values in the company: Why they are crucial for success!

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What exactly are core values for you?

In a world where companies are rapidly evolving and brand identities are a dime a dozen, we often ask ourselves one key question: what exactly are core values for you? It’s more than just a rhetorical question. It’s about the heart of what drives you and your business, the foundation on which everything is built.

When you think about the values of a company, you often come across terms like integrity, innovation or customer orientation. But far beyond such buzzwords is the question of which corporate values really count. Are they the ones presented in glossy brochures? Or maybe it’s the unspoken ones that come out in every interaction, in every decision you make?

Your brand identity, that unmistakable trademark that sets you apart from the crowd, is not just shaped by a logo or a slogan. Rather, it is defined by the core values you live in your daily business. Every interaction you have, every relationship you cultivate, every challenge you face – they are all guided by these deeply rooted principles.

And what about your personal values? How often do you stop and reflect on how these manifest in your professional life? Personal values are like a compass, they show you the way in stormy times, remind you why you do what you do and what priorities in life really count.

Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself: Which company values are non-negotiable for you? How do they connect with your personal values and shape your brand identity? It’s not just about having a list of values, it’s about feeling them, living them, and taking them out into the world.

In a time of constant change and transformation, it is essential to have a solid core. Let your values be your lighthouse, guiding you safely through the stormy waters of business. It’s your promise to yourself, to your team, and to the world out there. It defines who you are, and more importantly, who you want to be. And now I ask you: What exactly are your core values?

How your core values influence your business:

Take a bird’s eye view of your company. Imagine it is like a big, living organism, and every part of it, every decision and every action, is influenced by an invisible core: the core values. But how exactly do these values influence everything you do, and how do they shape the image the world sees of you?

A company’s values are the heart and lifeblood of any organization. They are not just words on a piece of paper, but rather the DNA of your business. They determine how you move in the business world, how you interact with customers, employees and partners, and what decisions you make.

Your brand identity, or brand identity, goes hand in hand with your company values. It is the face you show to the world, the promise you make, and the message you send. If your brand values – those principles and beliefs that your brand represents – are clear and consistent with your company values, this will strengthen your brand identity and embed it in the minds and hearts of your customers.

But it goes deeper than that. Your personal values are often reflected in the values of your company. They are like the North Star that guides you in stormy times. Whether it’s integrity, authenticity or creativity, these values are the foundations on which you build your business and your life. They influence how you meet challenges, how you celebrate successes, and how you learn from mistakes.

Imagine how powerful it is when your brand values and your personal values are in perfect harmony. It creates a brand identity that is authentic, distinctive and irresistible. It builds trust, not only with your customers, but also with your employees who share your vision and are committed to it.

Now pause for a moment. Think about the deepest beliefs that drive you. How are they anchored in your company? How do they influence your brand and how are they reflected in every interaction, product and service? This reflection is not just a thought experiment, but a signpost for the future.

At a time when products and services seem interchangeable, it is corporate values and brand identity that make the real difference. They are your compass in this ever-changing business world. Wondering how your core values impact your business? They form the heart and soul of everything you do. And they have the power to transform your brand into something memorable.

The way to define your own core values in the company:

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that the secret to a thriving business is not just an innovative idea or a unique product. Rather, it lies in knowing who you are and what you represent. Your core values are the compass that helps you find your way in the often stormy seas of the business world. But how do you begin the process of defining these values? And how do you make sure they’re really at the heart of your business?

The journey to your core values often begins with an introspective journey to yourself. Before you start thinking about business strategies or marketing plans, you need to ask yourself some basic questions. What drives you? What are the non-negotiable aspects of your life and business?

At the center of this journey is YOU. Here are some steps that can help you define your core values more clearly:

  • Self-reflection: Take time regularly to reflect in silence. What experiences and people have shaped your values so far? What are the recurring themes in your life that motivate and drive you?
  • Get feedback: Ask people around you – co-workers, partners, friends – how they perceive your values. They often offer a perspective that you might have overlooked on your own.
  • Use sources of inspiration: Read books, listen to podcasts, or attend seminars that focus on values and corporate culture. Learn from others, but don’t copy them blindly. Get inspired and adapt what you learn to your unique situation.
  • Use your story: Think about key moments in your life. What lessons have you learned? What stories can you share that embody your values?

Defining your core values is not just an exercise for your business; it’s an exercise for life. Your values are the foundation on which you build. They give you orientation in difficult times and help you to make the right decisions.

Once you have clearly defined your core values, don’t let them gather dust in a drawer. Live it. Show it in every action, every conversation, and every decision you make. A company that is firmly rooted in its values will not only be successful, but will also have a positive and lasting impact on the world.

The final step – Determining your core values for your business

The time has come. After careful self-reflection, deep inner work and the gathering of insights, the final step is now at hand: the definition of your core values for your business. These values become the heart of your business, influencing your decisions, your culture and ultimately your brand. They become the guideline by which everything in your company is oriented. Here are some key points that will help you precisely determine your core values:

  • Personal reflection: What values are most important to you in life? Which of these can and should be represented in your business?
  • Vision and Mission: How do your values fit into the larger vision and mission of your company? They should go hand in hand.
  • Customer perspective: Think about what values are important to your customers. How can you implement them in your business?
  • Analyze role models: Look at successful companies you admire. What values do they pursue and how do they implement them?
  • Realistic practicability: It is important that the values you choose are practicable in daily life and not just sound theoretical.
  • Differentiation: Consider what values can set your company apart from the competition.
  • Long-term perspective: Choose values that will still be relevant and meaningful to your business many years from now.
  • Clarity and simplicity: Your values should be clear and understandable so that everyone in the company understands them and can act on them.
  • Integrity: Ensure that the values you set don’t just exist on paper, but live at the heart of your business.

Now that you have these guides in mind, take the time to really dive deep and define the core values that will shape your business in the years to come. Your company, your team and your customers will thank you!

Your personal guide to defining brand values

I understand that defining one’s brand values can be a profound and sometimes challenging task. Every company is unique, and it deserves an equally unique set of values that embody its vision, mission and culture. But you don’t have to walk this path alone.

If you feel you need assistance in determining your brand values or are simply looking for someone to reflect and refine your ideas, I’m here to help. As a first step, I offer you a free 15-minute consultation. In this conversation, we can figure out together how I can best support you in defining your brand values and putting them at the center of your business.

Together, let’s make sure your values are not just words on a piece of paper, but the living heart of your business that drives and defines it.

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